Reflection Paper 1 – Summary

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reflection for task 1

Reflection paper task 1

Reflection Paper 1 – Summary

Boburjon Adxamov

Webster university in Tashkent
ESLG 4250 2T Research writing and library
Prof: Tatyana Pilatskaya
14 February. 2023

Reflection Paper 1 – Summary
Having done the tasks both in draft and final form, I could learn many things worth mentioning, including how to write a thesis, divide into body paragraphs to make our summary easy to understand, follow the rules based on the APA style and use Net Tutor, and get feedback from that due to the requirements of this task. Because, in this task, we are required to write a summary to the given article.
I must admit that I faced enormous challenges with paraphrasing the task properly. In other words, while writing a summary, I struggled with choosing proper synonyms and changing the structure of the sentences to paraphrase. Nonetheless, with the assistance of some websites where I could find appropriate synonyms and the Net tutor's feedback, I was able to write a task 1 final draft. In addition, while writing the summary, I faced another difficulty based on my thesis: I was not that good at paraphrasing. To be more specific, I received a low grade for my first draft due to an incorrect thesis statement. However, by attending the professor’s office hours, I could fix all of my problems related to writing an accurate thesis statement. Furthermore, the most important thing I've learned so far from this assignment is to be aware of some facts and evidence based on nonviolent action. Because, before doing this task, I was not that conscious of information related to nonviolent action, Moreover, I had some problems following the APA style since I did not really understand some of its rules. However, with the help of some provided videos, I am now able to write a proper summary for any article by following the APA style.
From my perspective, since I will be given some major related classes in which I will be required to write many summaries and paraphrase articles in the second course of my bachelor’s degree, I am sure that I will not have any problems with any of them. In addition, with the help of an action plan that I made before doing this task, I could manage my time properly to work on my weaknesses. Hence, I realized that I should have a proper action plan for every task to carry it out accurately.
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