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Student Attendance Management System (2)

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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET)

ISSN 2347-9523 (Print) 
Abbreviated Key Title: Sch. J. Eng. Tech. ISSN 2321-435X (Online) 
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Student Attendance Management System 
Karwan Jacksi
, Falah Ibrahim
, Shahab Ali
University of Zakho, Iraq Duhok Polytechnic University, Iraq University of Zakho, Iraq 

Review Article
*Corresponding author 
Karwan Jacksi 
Article History 
Received: 24.01.2018 
Accepted: 05.02.2018 
Published: 15.02.2018 
Abstract: Attendance management is important to every single organization; it can decide 
whether or not an organization such as educational institutions, public or private sectors 
will be successful in the future. Organizations will have to keep a track of people within 
the organization such as employees and students to maximize their performance. 
Managing student attendance during lecture periods has become a difficult challenge. The 
ability to compute the attendance percentage becomes a major task as manual computation 
produces errors, and wastes a lot of time. For the stated reason, an efficient Web-based 
application for attendance management system is designed to track student’s activity in the 
class. This application takes attendance electronically and the records of the attendance are 
storing in a database. The system design using the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) 
architecture, and implemented using the power of Laravel Framework. JavaScript is 
adding to the application to improve the use of the system. MySQL used for the 
Application Database. The system designed in a way that can differentiate the hours of 
theoretical and practical lessons since the rate of them is different for calculating the 
percentages of the students’ absence. Insertions, deletions, and changes of data in the 
system can do straightforward via the designed GUI without interacting with the tables. 
Different presentation of information is obtainable from the system. The test case of the 
system exposed that the system is working enormously and is ready to use to manage to 
attend students for any department of the University. 

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