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With two correct answers
2001. Specify drugs used in pemphigus vulgaris:

A. prednisolone *

B. triamcinolon *

In sulfadimetoksin

D. Dapsone
2002. What primary morphological element precedes erosion:

A. Bulla*

B. vesicle*

C. Urtica

D. macula
2003. What disease is not part of dermatophytosis:

A. sporotrichosis *

B. hromomikoza*

C. rubrofitii

D. trichophytosis
2004. Specify the drug used in leprosy:

A. Dapsone*

B. monomitsin

C. sulfation*

D. delagil
2005. In the treatment of candidiasis is not used:

A. polkortolon*

B. nystatin

C. nizoral

D. acyclovir*
2006 Nikolsky sign is positive in:

A. true pemphigus*

B. medicamentous allergic stomatitis*

C. schoolderman

D. dermatitis herpetiformis during the
2007. Pathognomonic for eruptive eczema are:

A. the microvesicles*

B. peel

C. weeping erosions*

D. scales
2008. What are the main clinical signs are not characteristic of chronic eczema:

A. bright redness, swelling*

B. microerosion, brown*

C. infiltration

D. licensure
2009 for any of these viral diseases of the oral mucosa is not affected:

A. molluscum contagiosum*

B. simple bubble herpes

C. varicella

D. warts *
2010 Exclude lesions not typical for rubrofitia:

A. hair*

B. the mouth *

C. sole

D. palm
2011. what pathogens are determined by colouring on Cells. Nelson:

A. Leishmania

B. the tubercle Bacillus *

C. Treponema pallidum

D. leprosy *
2012. Specify a characteristic appearance and location of lesions pink lichen:

A. hyperemic spot*

B. vesicle

C. blister

D. on the trunk *
2013. Specify clinic if toxicodermia:

A. Lyell's syndrome*

B. anaphylactic shock *

C. syndrome of Cesar

D. the syndrome of Irangos. Cushing's
2014. Specify drug used in psoriasis:

A. lorinden *

B. dexamethasone *

C. ethambutol

D. blemaren
2015. Specify the symptoms of lupus erythematosus

A. a symptom of a ladies ' heel *

B. a symptom of Asbos. Of Hansen

C. symptom Gorchakov C. Ardi

D. symptom Besnier –Meshchersky *
2016. After any primary cells formed by erosion:

A. bubble*

B. spot

C. abscess *

D. hump
2017. What phenomena are included in the psoriatic triad:

A. the phenomenon of a stearin stain*

B. the phenomenon terminalno film *

C. the phenomenon of Apple jelly

D. phenomenon and Lyell's syndrome
2018. Streptococcal pyoderma is differentiated with what disease:

A. herpes simplex *

B. eritrazma

C. bullous herpes*

2019. Deep dermatophytosis what differentiates diseases:

A. microsporia *

B. carbuncle *

C. eczema

D. eritrazma
2020. When the disease is not observed host:

A. herpes*

B. lichen planus *

C. leprosy

D. leishmaniasis
2021. In the dermis layers are distinguished:

A. papillary*

B. Horny

C. net*

D. granular
2022. By atypical solid ancram include:

A. indurative edema*

B. shanks. amygdala*

C. balanoposthitis

D. phlyctena
2023. Specify the incorrect statement:

primary syphiloma can oslojnyaetsya.

A. epididymitis*

B. paraphimosis

C. orchitis *

D. gangrenization

2024. Specify the incorrect statement:

possible causes simple dermatitis.

A. oral administration of medications*

B. parenteral introduction in case the administration of medicines*

C. low temperature

D. high temperature

2025. For localized scleroderma unusual stage:

A. follicular hyperkeratosis*

B. nepolitano hyperkeratosis*

C. pustular

D. induration
2026. In the treatment of candidiasis is not used:

A. polkortolon*

B. nystatin

C. hydrocortisone *

D. flunil
2027. In the treatment of head lice is not used:

A. antibi shampoo

B. cycloferon *

C. 10C. 20% emulsion of benzyl benzoate

D. mikozolon*

2028. Psoriatic erythroderma can develop after:

A. appointment ACTH *

B. external use only 1% ointment salicylic acid *

C. topical application of 5% ointment of salicylic acid

D. the application of ultraviolet irradiation to patients with the summer type of psoriasis

2029. Add the secondary elements resulting from the transformation of the burl:

A. scale*

B. secondary pigmentation *

C. cork

D. ulcer
2030. Specify the clinical signs, characteristic of tertiary syphilis:

A. extensive warts *

B. the nodes

C. masorti

D. roseola *
2031. What are the main clinical signs are not characteristic of chronic eczema:

A. bright redness *

B. edema, microerosion *

C. infiltration

D. licensure
2032. In the stage of vesicles for topical therapy eczema apply only:

A. lotions *

B. paste

C. creams

D. aerosols*
2033. Specify the symptom is not characteristic for discoid forms of lupus erythematosus:

A. Lichenification*

B. Symptom of "Apple jelly"*

C. the Symptom of "butterfly".

D. Symptom Benies. Meshchersky.
2034. What disease is among the group of neurodermatoses:

A. eczema *

B. allergicheskie dermatitis *

C. pruritus

D. urticaria
2035. What is unusual in the clinical picture of rosacea:

A. follicular hyperkeratosis *

B. erythema

C. follicular papules *

D. infiltration of the skin of the nose
2036. Specify the most characteristic symptom of scabies:

A. evening and night itching*

B. serous well

C. the paired arrangement of the elements*

D. impetiginized in the lesions
2037. Enter among the following surface form stafilodermii:

A. carbuncle

B. the osteo folliculitis *

C. furuncle

D. sycosis vulgaris*

2038. In the therapy of lichen planus may apply:

A. diphenhydramine*

B. novopassit *

C. prednisolone

D. androgens

2039. In the primary stage of syphilis patients may meet all the characteristics of chromes.

A. erosive papules *

B. lymphangitis

C. negative Wassermann reaction

D. non-erosive papules *
2040. Select the most effective agent for the treatment of chlamydial urethritis:

A. tetracycline*

B. doxycyclin *

C. penicillin

D. levamisole
2041. One of the clinical signs are not typical for AIDS patients:

A. vitiligo *

B. lymphoma

C. scabies *

D. recurrent herpes

E. diarrhea

2042. Specify drug, used in pemphigus vulgaris:

A. prednisolone *

B. dexamethasone *

C. monomitsin

D. Orungal
2043. Specify drug used in the treatment of scabies:

A. 20% benzyl benzoate *

B. Vishnevsky ointment

C. the aerosols of Spregal *

D. 10% syntomycin ointment
2044. Specify the medication used for candidiasis of the skin:

A. Orungal *

B. flonal *

Furazolidone C.

D. bactrim
2045. Specify drugs used in the progressive stage of psoriasis:

A. cream unna *

B. psoriasin ointment

C. 2% salicylic ointment *

D. ointment dermatol
2046. Specify the phenomenon are characteristic of lichen planus:

A. Cabrera *

B. grid Wickham *

C. fish caviar

D. tissue paper
2047. Specify the symptoms characteristic of multi-colored lichen:

A. peeling *

B. sample Signs *

C. sample Wickham

D. Kepner
2048. Specify a drug that cannot be set under a persistent white dermographism:

A. calcium chloride *

B. thiosulfate sodium

C. calcium gluconate*

D. pirogenal
2049. Specify the drug used in herpes zoster:

A. bonafton *

B. delagil

C. oxoline *

D. Dapsone
2050. Specify the clinical symptoms characteristic of sycosis:

A. chronically relapsing course*

B. rheumatic pain

C. localization on the skin of the Mons pubis *

D. nodules

2051 . Clinical signs of herpes simplex is not:

A. lichen sclerosis*

B. cicatricial atrophy *

C. eczema herpeticum

D. meningoencephalitis

2052. Which of diseases is not a manifestation of VICS. infection:

A. vitiligo *

B. Kaposi's sarcoma

C. scabies *

D. diarrhea
2053. That is not typical for psoriasis:

A. you can call animals in a laboratory *

B. not due to seasonality*

C., it can be first appearance after giving birth

D. due to seasonality
2054. Specify the characteristic symptom blister:

A. occurs due to the intra-cellular edema *

B. quickly appears and disappears*

C. leave behind after erosion

D. peeling on the surface of the blister
2055. What clinical manifestations are characteristic of secondary recurrent syphilis:

A. leukoderma*

B. parenchymatous keratitis

C. alopecia *

D. indurative edema
2056. What clinical symptoms are not in patients with primary syphilis:

A. ladonnas. plantar papules *

B. indurative edema

C. extensive warts *

D. shanks. felon
2057 . Specify the symptoms characteristic of uncomplicated chancre:

A. dense infiltration at the base of the ulcer *

B. saped edge

C. painless ulcer*

D. signs of inflammation
2058. For patients with chancroid is not typical:

A. the absence of pain*

B. the signs of inflammation

C. solid infiltration *

D. inclined to autoinoculation
2059. In the treatment of gardnerellosis used:

A. tinidazole *

B. metronidazole *

C. penicillin

D. erythromycin
2060. For the diagnosis of some diseases is applied research using

wood's lamp:

A. microsporia*

B. eritrazma *

C. pityriasis rosea.

D. vitiligo.

2061. What primary morphological element precedes erosion:

A. gnojnice *

B. bubble *

C. none of the

D. hump
2062. What primary morphological element precedes the ulcer:

A. the node *

B. bubble

C. bump *

D. blister
2063. Specify the symptoms characteristic of uncomplicated chancre:

A. dense infiltration at the base of the ulcer*

B. painless ulcer *

C. saped edge

D. purulent discharge
2064. What pustular disease of the skin

not found in newborns:

A. hydradenitis *

B. sycosis *

C. vesiculopustules

D. pseudoharengus finger

2065. Specify the types of seborrhea:

A. dry*

B. vulgar

C. leaf

D. bold*
2066. What clinical symptom is noted

when lupus erythematosus:

A. "ladies' heel*"

B. The Symptom Benies. Meshchersky *

C. "blood dew"

D. ymptom of Pincus

2067. Name the atypical form of psoriasis:

A. justiceability /rupiny/ *

B. scalp

C. intertriginous *

D. coin
2068. What is the most severe form of psoriasis:

A. artropaticheskom *

B. geographical

C. nummularnyi

D. erythrodermic *
2069. Name the localization of elements at

pustular psoriasis of the Barber:

A. palm *

B. the sole *

C. the red border of the lips

D. the skin of the genital area

2070. Name the type of pustular

psoriasis :

A. psoriasis Combucha *

B. nummularnyi

C. lichenoid

D. psoriasis of the Barber *

2071. What clinical symptom is typical

for dermatitis Duhring:

A. eosinophilia of content bubble *

B. blood eosinophilia *

C. microfocal pattern baldness

D. sclerodactyly

2072. What are the clinical varieties cogs.

tion of leishmaniasis You know:

A. Astros. nitrotyrosine type*

B. nedifferentsirovannost type

C. ulcerated type*

D. erythematous

2073. Name the clinical varieties

Borowski disease:

A. city type *

B. Ostro. nitrotyrosine type *

C. undifferentiated

D. infiltrative. suppurative

2074. Which layer is not part of the epidermis:

A. net*

B. granular

C. papillary *

D. prickly
2075. Specify the types of seborrhea:

A. dry*

B. bold *

C. leaf

D. vegetative
2076. What diseases belong to the group of stafilodermy:

A. impetigo of Bockhart *

B. epidemic pemphigus *

C. impetigo nail ridges

D. slit-like vulgar ecthyma impetigo
2077. What tools have antipruritic property:

A. salicylic acid

B. benzocaine *

C. tar

D. menthol *
2078. What pyoderma occur only in newborns and infants:

A. vesiculopustules *

B. exfoliative dermatitis *

C. hydradenitis

D. furuncle
2079. What are morphological elements typical of Ritter's dermatitis:

A. tubercles

B. erosion *

C. papules

D. bubbles *
2080. Localization of the rash in scabies:

A. interdigital spaces of the hands*

B. the skin around the navel, inner thighs*

C. interdigital spaces stop

D. places of a congestion of the sebaceous glands
2081. What are secondary morphological element:

A. the knot

B. ulcer *

C. vegetation *

D. abscess
2082. Name the proliferative morphological element:

A. a knot *

B. the node *

C. abscess

D. bubble
2083. Acantholysis is the morphological

the basis of the symptom:

Nicholas A. *

B. Wickham;

C. Pospelova

D. Asbestos-Hansen*

2084. What clinical symptom is typical

for dermatitis Duhring:

A. eosinophilia of content bubble*

B. eosinophilia in the blood*

C. cryoglobulinemia

D. leukopenia

2085. What are the tests uses for diagnostic.

Ki dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring:

A. sample 2C. 3% solution of potassium iodide *

B. 50% ointment with potassium iodide *

C. 3C. x test Thompson

D. iodine test Signs

2086. What medicines naibo.

effective for dermatitis Duhring:

A. DDS *

B. corticosteroids *

C. Biseptol

D. vitamins In

2087. Specify the features of papules with red

flat shingles:

A. umbilicate indentation *

B. edge peeling

C. rich peeling

D. purple tint *

2088. Name the type of pustular


A. psoriasis Combucha *

B. psoriasis of the Barber *

C. psoriasis Kaposi

D. lichenoid

2089. What skin areas are usually free from

rashes when the LCP:

A. palm *

B. the sole *

C. flexion of the legs

D. wrist joints

2090. What dermatosis should different.

to differentiate lichen planus:

A. secondary syphilis *

B. psoriasis*

C. artifactual dermatitis

D. pityriasis versicolor

2091. Name the localization of elements at

pustular psoriasis of the Barber:

A. palm *

B. the red border of the lips

C. scalp

D. soles *

2092. Specify the true types of eczema:

A. prodigiosa *

B. disgidroticheskaya *

C. numulyarnaya

D. seborrheic
2093. The rash of exudative mnogoformnuû

the erythema is:

A. in the form of arcs*

B. grouped the course of nerves

C. in the form of rings *

D. in pairs

2094. Specify the symptoms characteristic of scabies:

A. symptom Gorchakovs. Ardi *

B. nocturnal itching *

C. paired papules

D. bubbles
2095. What drugs is used to treat


A. 20 % benzyl –benzoate ointment *

B. spray Spregal *

C. 5 % naphthalan ointment

D. 5% sulfur ointment

2096. With what diseases should be differentiated scabies:

A. atopic dermatitis*

B. pityriasis rosea

C. pruritus*

D. tinea
2097. Name the obligate factor of dermatitis:

A. concentrated acid *

B. boiling water *

C. jewelry of gold

D. synthetic detergents
2098. Allergic reaction to the medication may occur:

A. bullous rash *

B. vesicular *

C. symptom Pylnova

D. papular rash
2099. Specify the kind of toxicodermia:

A. fixed erythema *

B. perniosis

C. psoriasis

D. iododerma *
2100. What medications are more likely to cause fixed erythema:

A. sulfadimetoksin *

B. Biseptol *

C. analgin

D. aspirin

2101. What disease should be differentiated common toksikodermiya:

A. pityriasis rosea Gibert *

B. the syndrome Stevens. Johnson *

C. pyoderma

D. acne rosacea

2102. Indicate the typical localization at the mnogoformnuû exudative erythema:

A. the back of the hand *

B. scalp

C. the rear brake *

D. interdigital spaces of the hands
2103. What factors are important in the development of mnogoformnuû of erythema multiforme:

A. seasonality *

B. hypothermia *

C. hypersensitivity to fluoride

D. hereditary
2104. What differentiate exudative dermatoses mnogoformnuû erythemal:

A. pemphigus vulgaris*

B. Lyell's syndrome *

C. strophulus

D. scrofuloderma
2105. Specify pathogenetic factors of pink lichen Gibert:

A. viral infection *

B. hypofunction of the sebaceous glands

C. yeast

D. streptococcal infection *
2106. Specify the variety of microbial eczema:

A. seksitarina *

B. varicose *

C. adult

D. idiopathic
2107. What clinical sign is characterized by a rash with true eczema:

A. true polymorphism *

B. symmetry *

C. ephemeral blisters

D. assimetria
2108. What are the symptoms seen with discoid lupus:

A. symptom Khachaturian *

B. a collar of Byetta

C. a symptom of "lady heel" *

D. Voronova collar
2109. Specify types of scleroderma:

A. stripy *

B. white spot disease *

C. infiltrative

D. intertriginous
2110. Lichen planus is characterized by:

A. papular rash *

B. umbilicated *

C. predominant localization on the flexor surfaces of the extremities

D. the absence of subjective feelings
2111. For lichen planus is characterized by:

A. uneven thickening of the granular layer of the epidermis *

B. parakeratosis

C. acanthosis *

D. vnutriarterialno microabcesses
2112. What clinical symptom is pathognomonic for lichen planus:

A. grid Wickham*

B. umbilicate indentation *

C. symptom of Auspice

D. cells Tzenka
2113. What diseases does not belong to the group of viral dermatoses:

A. extensive warts *

B. genital warts

C. a simple bubble herpes

D. psoriasis *
2114. Vascular spot is:

A. Erythema *

B. Roseola*

C. Lentigo

D. Leukoderma
2115. Primary morphological elements:

A. bubble *

B. bubble *

C. ulcer

D. erosion
2116. Secondary morphological elements:

A. Ulcer*

B. Voldyri

C. Erosion*

D. Knot
2117. The bubble is formed by:

A. Eczema*

B. herpes simplex*

C. Psoriasis

2118. The outcome of the nodule is:

A. hypopigmented stain*

B. Ulcer

C. vanish*

D. Scale *
2119. Exudative morphological element is:

A. Vesicle*

B. Blister*

C. Papule

D. Hump
2120. Layers of epidermis:

A. basal *

B. thorn*

C. adipose

D. hypodermally
2121. Have a cavity morphological elements:

A. abscess*

B. blister

C. node

D. bubble *
2122. The rash is polymorphic if:

A. secondary syphilis *

B. dermatitis Duhring *

C. warts

D. psoriasis
2123. Monomorphic rash in medicine:

A. psoriasis *

B. the LCP *

C. dermatitis Duhring

D. tinea
2124. Clinical signs of psoriasis:

A. the presence of papules *

B. peeling *

C. rash predominantly on the extensor surfaces of the extremities

D. blisters
2125. Clinical signs of lichen planus:

A. koebner's phenomenon *

B. polygonal papules *

C. blisters

D. nodes
2126. Agents used topically in the treatment of psoriasis:

A. the gel skins. cap *

B. corticosteroid ointment *

C. Castellani paint

D. ointment of benzyl benzoate
2127. Phenomena typical for psoriasis:

A. stearin spot *

B. Wickham;

C. matching items

D. terminal film*
2128. The signs of true polymorphism of rash for dermatitis Duhring:

A. node

B. nodules *

C. tubercle

D. bullas*
2129. Clinical varieties of pemphigus:

A. vulgar *

B. vegetative *

C. psoriasiform

D. exudative
2130. For lupus erythematosus symptoms:

A. follicular hyperkeratosis*

B. cicatricial atrophy*

C. grid Wickham

D. mukovidnoe peeling
2131. Clinical forms of athlete's foot:

A. worn

B. disgidroticheskaya *

C. psoriasiform

D. intertriginous *
2132. Diseases related to dermatophytosis:

A. athlete's groin *

B. microspores*

C. eritrazma

D. hromomikoza
2133. The antibiotics used in the treatment of candidiasis:

A. nystatin*

B. flonal *

C. cephalosporins

D. doxycyclin
2134. When artropaticheskom appropriate will appoint all of the above, chromes.

A. nizoral *

B. antioxidants

C. penicillin *

D. mineralocorticoid drugs
2135. Typical eruptive lichen planus elements have the following features, chromes.

A. preferential localization on the face *

B. symptom Pylnova *

C. waxy luster

D. Wickham mesh on the surface of papules
2136. Monomorphic rash can be:

A. psoriasis *

B. lichen planus *

C. erythema multiforme

D. microbial eczema
2137. Hyperkeratosis is characteristic of:

A. psoriasis *

B. sycosis

C. bullous impetigo

D. ichthyosis *
2138. Woman, 25 years old, married 3 gods. When the survey was diagnosed with chronic endocervicitis, adnexitis. Smears C. leukocytosis, gonococcus and Trichomonas not found. My daughter 1.5 years of acute gonorrheal vulvovaginitis etiologies. Correct doctor's tactics:

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