Ecfmg certification- may/June 2007 Grads

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This process by which you become eligible for the ECFMG Certificate (required for all U.S. residency programs) cannot begin until:
AFTER you have passed Step One, Step 2CK, & 2CS

AFTER your SGU file is “closed out” by the Registrar Department

AFTER the date stated on your diploma!
To meet the medical education credential requirements for ECFMG Certification, applicants must provide the required medical education credentials, which is imitated by sending your final medical diploma.

ECFMG requires all medical school graduates to submit copies of their final medical diploma.

Ø You must send (by mail) two photocopies of your final medical school diploma and one current passport size photo to ECFMG. The photocopies of your medical diploma must be (8½ in x 11 in). ECFMG does not accept these documents by fax or e-mail.

Ø It is recommended to fill out form 344-I and 345. This form serves as a “checklist” to reduce the possibility of your credentials being rejected.

Send the above documents to:
ECFMG/Credential Dept.

Attention: Caroline Alesiani

3624 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685
ECFMG verifies every applicant’s medical school diploma with the appropriate officials of the medical school that issued the diploma. When ECFMG sends your medical diploma to your medical school for verification, they will include form 327-A “Verification of Medical Education.” ECFMG

will request the medical school to include your final medical school transcript when the school returns the verification of your medical diploma to ECFMG. An applicant’s credentials are not considered complete until ECFMG receives verification of the medical diploma (form 327-A) and final medical school transcript directly from the medical school.

Helpful Hints to expedite this process:

· Be in touch with your clinical coordinator to make certain that you are not missing any paperwork and your file has been closed out.

· Kindly inform your clinical coordinator if you have a signed contract to start your residency. We can then alert ECFMG that your certification needs priority.

· Check and make sure that the Registrar Department has the correct address on where to send your diploma.

· Important: Make sure your address is updated on OASIS.

· No P.O. Boxes or hospital addresses

· Students can track the status of their certification on OASIS.
· Important: One of the biggest problems that we encounter is when a hospital does not send in evaluations promptly. DO not leave your last rotation until the program director has signed and mailed your original evaluation to the Office of Clinical Studies. Fax copies will not be accepted.

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