List of publications of Dr. Evgenia V. Bogomolova Original papers

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of Dr. Evgenia V. Bogomolova 


Original papers







Bogomolova E. V., Vlasov D. Yu., Zelenskaya M. S., Panina L. K. (1996) Species 

composition of micromycetes inhabiting the antique marble surface in Chersonessus. 

Vestnik St. Petersburg State Univ., Biology (4): 49-54. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E. V., Vlasov D. Yu., Sagulenko E. S. (1997). Comparative analysis of 

marble-specific mycobiotes. Mikologia i Fitopatologia 31 (5): 9-15. (in Russ.) 



Panina L. K., Badalyan A.G., Bogomolova E. V., Wollenzien U., Gorbushina A. A, 

Krumbein W. E., Soukharjevski S. M. (1997). EPS-spectra in black dematiaceous 

micromycetes isolated from marble surface. Мikologia i Fitopatologia 31 (1): 46-51. (in 




Czerepanova N. P., Panina L. K., Bogomolova E.V., Rybalchenko O. V., Spitsyna N.G. 

(1997). The investigation of character of fungal interaction with a new allotropic carbon 

modification - fullerenes. Mikologia i Fitopatologia 31 (4): 27-32. (in Russ.) 



Panina L. K., Kurochkin V.E., Bogomolova E.V., Evstrapov A.A., Spitsyna N.G. (1997). 

Biotransformation of fullerenes. Doklady Biological Sciences 357: 530–532.  



Bogomolova E. V., Vlasov D. Yu., Panina L. K. (1998). Morphology of microcolonies of 

epilithic black yeast from the genus Phaeococcomyces  de Hoog. Doklady Botanical 

Sciences 361–363: 19–20. 



Bogomolova E. V. (1999). Morphological potential of Phaeococcomyces sp (strain  Сh 

49) -  a typical representative of microcolonial lithobiontic fungi. Mikologia i 

Fitopatologia 33 (2): 95-100. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Vlasov D.Yu., Panina L.K. (2000). Morphometrical comparison of the 

series of strains of black yeasts Phaeococcomyces sp. Mikologia i Fitopatologia 34 (2): 

40-47. (in Russ.) 



Bulanitsa A.L., Bogomolova E.V., Bystrova E.Yu., Kurochkin V.E., Panina L.K. (2000). 

The model of spatio-temporal periodical structures formation in the colonies of mycelial 

fungi. Journ. Of General Biology 61 (4): 400-411. (in Russ.) 



Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V., Pavlenko V.K. (2000). The spatial organization of 

colonies of dimorphous micromycetes. Biophysics 45 (5): 878–880


 (in Russ.) 



Bulyanitsa A.L., Bystrova E.Yu., Kurochkin V.E., Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V. 

(2000). The influence of metabolite diffusion coefficient on the processes of ordering in 

colonies of Hyphomycetes. Scientific Instrumentation 10 (4): 44-47.  (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Zelenskaya M.S., Vlasov D.Yu. (2001). Morphological features of 

microcolonial fungi isolated from rock. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya  35  (4): 6 - 12. (in 




Bystrova E.Yu., Bulyanitsa A.L., Bogomolova E.V., Kurochkin V.E., Panina L.K. 

(2001). The investigation of zone formation in the colonies of hyphomycetes. Mikologiya 

i Fitopatologiya 35 (5): 13 - 20. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V. (2001). Isopropyl alcohol induced mycelium formation in lithobiontic 

black yeasts. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 35 (4): 24-28.  



Tsvetkova E.O., Bulianitsa A.L., Kurochkin V.E., Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V. (2001).  

Influence of mycelial fungi's adaptability over colony forming processes. Scientific 

Instrumentation 11 (4): 76-79. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Belostotskaya G.B., Panina L.K. (2002). A tendency of spatial colony 

structure formation in lithobiontic fungi depending on topography of substrate surface. 

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 36 (6): 1-8. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Olkhovaya E.A., Panina L.K., Soukharjevsky S.M. (2003). 

Experimental study of influence of rocks and minerals chemical composition and surface 

structure over the lithobiontic fungi colonies morphology. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 37 

(3): 1-13. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Goryachev V.L., Kolikov V.A., Kulishevich A.I., Kurochkin V.E., 

Panina L.K., Rutberg F.G., Yulaev F.G. (2003). On the mechanism of fungicide action of 

water treated by pulse electric discharges. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 37 (5): 19-25. (in 




Bogomolova E.V., Minter D.W.




A new microcolonial rock-inhabiting fungus 

from marble in Chersonesos (Crimea, Ukraine).


Mycotaxon 86: 195-204. 



Bogomolova E.V., Minter D.W. (2003). IMI Descriptions of fungi and bacteria N 1561-

1570. CABI Bioscience, UK. 



Zarochentseva I.A., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K.




The central role of MAP-

kinase signal pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other yeasts in osmostress 

response. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 38 (2): 8-25. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Minenko E.A., Kirtsideli I.Yu. (2007). Protease and phospholipase 

activity of opportunistic fungi isolated from museum environment. Mikologiya i 

Fitopatologiya 41 (2): 113-119. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Ivanova A.M., Kirtsideli I.Y., Mel’nik V.A., Sokolenko D.V. (2007). 

Micromycetes complexes on photographs from old collections (1839-1912).  Topics in 

Photographic Preservation 12: 55-63. 



Kirtsideli I.Yu., Bogomolova E.V. (2008). Development of microfungi communities in 

the indoor air of St. Petersburg museums. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 42 (2): 128-136. 



Bogomolova E. V. (2008). Mycological expertise of indoor mould damage of building 

constructions and materials in public buildings and dwellings. P. 1. Svetoprozrachnye 

Konstruktsiyi (Light-Transparent Constructions1(57): 29-31. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E. V. (2008). Mycological expertise of indoor mould damage of building 

constructions and materials in public buildings and dwellings. P. 2. Svetoprozrachnye 

Konstruktsiyi (Light-Transparent Constructions2(58): 29-31. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E. V. (2008). On the problem of mycological expertise of building objects. 

Svetoprozrachnye Konstruktsiyi  (Light-Transparent Constructions)  4(60): 29-31. (in 






Bogomolova E. V. (2009). What is the smelt of mould? Microbial volatile organic 

compounds. Svetoprozrachnye Konstruktsiyi (Light-Transparent Constructions1-2: 30-

31. (in Russ.)




Bogomolova E. V. (2009). Mycologists’ point of view: The responsibility of parties and 

mould damage reimbursement in civil suits. Svetoprozrachnye Konstruktsiyi  (Light-

Transparent Constructions5-6: 29-31. (in Russ.) 




Bogomolova E.V., Kirtsideli I.Yu. (2009). Airborne fungi in four stations of the 

St.Petersburg Underground railway system. Int. Biodet. Biodegrad. 63: 156-160.





Pournou A., Bogomolova E. (2009). Fungal colonization on excavated prehistoric wood: 

implications for its in situ  display. Int. Biodet. Biodegrad. 63(4): 371-378. 



Bystrova E. Yu., Bogomolova E. V., Gavrilov Yu. M., Panina L. K., Stefanov V. E., 

Surma S. V., Shchegolev B. F. (2009). Influence of magnetostatic field and shielded 

geomagnetic field on microscopic fungi colonies development. Mikologiya i 

Fitopatologiya 43 (5): 438–446. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E. V., Kirtsideli I. Yu., Minenko E. A. (2009). Potentiallydangerous 

microfungi from dwelling houses.  Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 43 (6): 34-41. (in Russ.) 



Kirtsideli I. Yu., Novozhilov Yu. K., Bogomolova E. V. (2009). Physiological 

peculiarities of microfungi development in Arctic soils. Bull. of the Moscow Soc. of 

Naturalists (Biol. Sect.) 114(2): 223-225. (in Russ.) 



Kirtsideli I. Yu., Novozhilov Yu. K., Bogomolova E. V., Drozdova I. V. (2010). 

Microfungi complexes in soils of tundra coenoses developed  on acid rocks of Polar Ural.  

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 44(1). (in press).  (in Russ.) 


Articles in books 





W. E. Krumbein, E. Bogomolova, A. Gorbushina, L. Panina, O. Rybalchenko,  S. 

Ryzhov,  E. Sagulenko,  D. Vlasov (1995) Biodeterioration  and   conservation   status  of   

marble monuments   on   Crimea.  // In:  Architectural  Studies, Materials  and   Analysis.  

eds. C.A. Brebbia,  B. Leftheris. IV Int. Conf. on structural studies of historical buildings 

STREMA’95.  Southampton & Boston, pp. 195-204. 



Bogomolova E.V., Vlasov D.Yu., Pavlenko V.K., Panina L.K. (2001) Dimorphic 

transitions in microcolonial fungi: inducing factors, possible mechanisms and adaptive 

role // In: “Actual problems in mycology ”, St.Petersburg. P. 108-131. (in Russ.) 



Vlasov D.Yu., Bogomolova E.V., Zelenskaya M.S., Gorbushina A.A. (2001) A review  

of methods for isolation of micromycetes damaging marble monuments // In: “Actual 

problems in mycology ”, St.Petersburg. P.  88-100. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E., Bystrova E., Karmon E., Ballantyne IV F. (2001) Modeling spatial 

pattern formation in the colonies of growing mycelial fungi // Budapest Complex 

Systems Summer School. Student papers. Santa Fe. P.  23-27. 



Petranovskii V., Panina L., Bogomolova E., Belostotskaya G. (2003) Microbiologically 

active nanocomposite  media // Proceedings of SPIE “Complex mediums IV: Beyond 

linear isotropic dielectrics”, August 4-5,  2003, San Diego, CA, USA. P. 244-255. 



Bogomolova E.V. (2005) Rock-Inhabiting Fungi: From Biodeterioration to Human 

Disease // In: “Fungi: Multifaceted Microbes” Eds. B.N. Ganguli and S.K. Deshmukh, 

Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, India. P. 49-60. 



Manual for diagnostics of mycodeterioration and prophylaxis  in the indoor environment 

(museums, archives) / Eds.:  I.Yu. Kirtsideli, E.V. Bogomolova, A.M. Ivanova.Saint 

Petersburg: Polytechnic University Publishers, 2006. 20 p. (in Russ.) 



Bogomolova E.V., Olkhovaya E.A., Panina L.K., Soukharjevsky S.M. Experimental 

investigation of influence of minerals’ and rocks’ chemical composition and surface 

structure on morphology of lithobiontic fungi colonies // In book: “Bio-inert interactions. 

Life and Rock”. Works of Saint Petersburg Society of Naturalists. Vol. 96, 2006. 250 p. 

(in Russ.) 



Kirtsideli I. Yu., Novozhilov Yu. K., Bogomolova E. V. (2009). The dynamics of 

structure and diversity of soil microfungi complexes under the process of primary soils 

genesis on acid rocks of Polar Ural. The study of fungi in biogeocoenoses:  5


 Int. Conf., 

Perm, September 7-13, 2009 / Eds. L. G. Perevedentseva, T. L. Yegoshina, V. G. 

Storozhenko. Perm State Pedagogical University, Perm, 2009. 383 p. P. 113-116. (in 








Vlasov D., Panina L., Sagulenko E., Zelenskaya M., Bogomolova E. (1995) The ways of 

adaptation of melanized fungi to extremal substrates // Abstr. of 2


 Intern. conf. “Ecology and 

conservation of environment ”. Perm', Russia, 1995, part 3, p. 9-10. (in Russian).  



Bogomolova E., Gorbushina A., Krumbein W., Panina L., Sagulenko E., Vlasov D., Zelenskaya 

M. (1996) Investigations of fungal growth on and attack of the marbles of the archaeological site 

of Chersonesos, Crimea // Abstr. of IUMC Congresses’96, 8


 Int. Congress of Mycology 

Division.  Jerusalem, Israel, August 18-23, 1996. P. 104. 



Panina L.K., Pogrebnikova I.L., Bogomolova E.V., Sagulenko E.S. (1996) A role of melanin in 

adaptation of fungi to changing environment // Abstr. of I(XI) Intern. Workshop on Evolutionary 

Physiology . St. Petersburg, Russia. P. 162-163. (in Russian).  



Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V., Pavlenko V.K. (1998) Spatial organisation of dimorphic 

micromycetes colonies // Abstr. Intern. Workshop ”Problems of theoretical biophysics” Мoscow. 

P. 157. (in Russian). 



Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V. (1998) The description of fungal dimorphous transition in terms 

of the critical phenomena theory // Abstr. Intern. Conference Nonlinear Phenomena in Biology. 

Puschino-na-Oke. P. 31. 



Bogomolova E.V., Borisova Yu.A., Vlasov D.Yu., Panina L.K. (1998) Ecology of marble 

monuments inhabiting fungi // Abstr. 6


 Conf. ”Universities in the eve of third millennium”, St. 

Petersburg. (in Russian). 



Bogomolova E., Gorbushina A.A. (1998) The growth and morphology of rock inhabiting 

microcolonial fungi: changes caused by morphogenetic agents// Abstr. of 6th Int. Mycological 

Congress (IMC 6), Jerusalem, Israel, August 23-28. P. 113. 



 Bogomolova E., Panina L., Vlasov D. (1998) Microcolonial morphology of rock-inhabiting 

fungi: the cooperative cell response on the environment// Abstr. of 6th Int. Mycological Congress 

(IMC 6), Jerusalem, Israel, August 23-28. P. 150. 



Bogomolova E.V. (1998) Morphological potential of rock-inhabiting fungi // Abstr. Intern. Conf. 

“Modern problems of mycology, algology and phythopathology”, Моscow. P. 155. (in Russian). 



Borisova Yu.A., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (1998) Melaninogenesis and adhesive properties 

of micromycetes' cells // Abstr. Intern. Conf. “Modern problems of mycology, algology and 

phythopathology”, Моscow. P. 166. (in Russian). 



Bogomolova E.V., Gorbushina A.A. (1998) Growth and development of fungi isolated from 

marble, under the action of different morphogenetic agents // Abstr. Intern. Conf. “Modern 

problems of mycology, algology and phythopathology”, Моscow. P. 156-157. (in Russian). 



Borisova Yu.A., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (1999) A role of adhesive properties of 

micromycetous cells in substrate spreading // Мikologiya i Fitopatologia 33(2): 134 (in Russian). 



Bogomolova E., Panina L., Vlasov D. (1999) The induction of dimorphic transitions in three 

strains of  Phaeococcomyces exophialae// Abstr. of Intern. Conf. “Human fungal pathogens: 

fungal dimorphism and disease” Granada, Spain, 4-8 Sept.. P. 30. 



Bogomolova E., Panina L., Vlasov D. (1999) The investigation of the dimorphic black yeasts 

local population heterogeneity by morphometric analysis// Abstr. of XIII Congress of European 

Mycologists, Madrid, Spain, 21-28 Sept.. P. 15. 



 Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (1999) Self-organization processes in dimorphic fungi // Abstr. II 

Congress of Russian Biophysicists, Moscow. V. 2, p. 392-393. (in Russian). 



 Ivanov-Omskii V.I., Panina L.K., Yastrebov S.G., Zvonareva T.K., Bogomolova E.V. (1999) 

Carbon clusters based protective coatings for the cultural valuables // Abstr. of 4nd Int. Workshop 

IWFAC'99 “Fullerenes and atomic clusters”. St.Petersburg, Russia. 



L.K. Panina, Yu.A. Kumzerov,  E.V. Bogomolova (2000) Spatial organization and phase 

transition in dimorphic fungi // Abstr. of Conference on Complex Systems, Nashua, USA, May 





Bystrova E., Bulianitsa A., Panina L., Kurochkin V., Bogomolova E. (2000) Spatial periodicity in 

mycelial fungi growth with respect to their life strategies // Abstr. of Conference on Complex 

Systems, Nashua, USA, May 21-28

 , abstract number 348, full text 

you can also find on:




Bystrova E., Bogomolova E., Bulianitsa A., Kurochkin V., Panina L. (2000) A model of zone 

formation during stationary growth of hyphomycetes  // Abstr. Intern. Conf. "Mycology and 

Cryptogamic Botany in Russia: Traditions and Modern State". April 24-28. St.Petersburg, Russia. 

P. 81-82. 



Vlasov D., Panina L., Bogomolova E., Zelenskaya M. (2000) Some results and prospectives of 

geomycological investigations // Abstr. Intern. Conf. "Mycology and Cryptogamic Botany in 

Russia: Traditions and Modern State". April 24-28. St.Petersburg, Russia. P. 91-93. 



Bogomolova E., Vlasov D., Zelenskaya M. Biodestruction of stone in urban environment // Abstr. 

Intern. Conf.  "Ecogeology-2000". May 16-18, 2000. St.Petersburg, Russia. 



Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (2001) Black yeasts: lithobionts and pathogens of man // Abstr. of 

"Scientific and applied conference on medical mycology and 4th Kashkin Readings", June 27-29, 

St.Petersburg. Problems in medical mycology 3(2): 76. 



Bulianitsa A.L., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K., Kurochkin V.E. (2002) Mathematical modeling 

of mycelium-yeast transitions in dimorphic fungi // Abstr. IX International Conf.  "Mathematics. 

Computer. Education", Dubna, January, 28 - February, 2. P. 178. 



Tsvetkova E.O., Bulianitsa A.L., Kurochkin V.E., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (2002) 

Modeling of mycelial fungi's "intellect" as an adaptation to external conditions // Abstr. IX 

International Conf.  "Mathematics. Computer. Education", Dubna, January, 28 - February, 2. P. 




Bystrova E.Yu., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K., Bulianitsa A.L., Kurochkin V.E. (2002) 

Formation of different colony types in micromycetes as an example of biological self-

organization // Abstr. of the I Congress of Russian Mycologists, Moscow, Russia, April 11-13. P. 




Bogomolova E.V., Olkhovaya E.A., Panina L.K., Soukharjevsky S.M. (2002) Influence of 

minerals' chemical composition on the growth and morphology of lithobiontic fungi // Abstr. of 

the I Congress of Russian Mycologists, Moscow, Russia, April 11-13. P. 142-143. 



Panina L.K., Petranovskii V.P., Bogomolova E.V., Bogdanchikova N.E. (2002) Antifungal 

properties of zeolites doped with silver and copper // Abstr. of the I Congress of Russian 

Mycologists, Moscow, Russia, April 11-13. P. 238-239. 



Bogomolova E.V. (2002) Teaching in medical mycology at the Department of Botany of 

St.Petersburg State University // Abstr. of the I Congress of Russian Mycologists, Moscow, 

Russia, April 11-13. P. 418-419. 



Vlasov D.Yu., Bogomolova E.V., Zelenskaya M.C., Panina L.K. (2002) Geomycological studies 

in St.Petersburg State University // Abstr. of the I Congress of Russian Mycologists, Moscow, 

Russia, April 11-13. P. 422-423. 



Bogomolova E.V., Burtsev M.S. (2002) Modeling of man's organism interaction with the 

population of pathogen's cells in candidemia // Abstr. of Scientific-practical conference on 

medical mycology and Vth Kashkin readings, St.Petesburg, May 26-27. Problems in Medical 

Mycology 4(2): 56. 



Vlasov D.Yu., Krylenkov V.A., Zelenskaya M.S., Bogomolova E.V., Safronova E.V., Startsev 

S.A., Ryabusheva Yu.V. (2002) The basic characteristics of fungi-biodestructors from urban 

environment // Abstr. of Scientific-practical conference on medical mycology and Vth Kashkin 

readings, St.Petersburg, May 26-27. Problems in Medical Mycology 4(2): 64-65. 



Bystrova E., Bulianitsa A., Bogomolova E., Panina L., Kurochkin V. (2002) Pattern formation in 

fungal colonies: General features and possible mechanisms // Abstr. of the Intern. Conf. 

"Dynamics Days Europe" Heidelberg, July 15-19. P. 48. 



Bogomolova E.V., Olkhovaya E.A., Panina L.K., Soukharjevsky S.M. (2002) Modeling of 

interaction between lithobiontic fungi and the components of rocks (marble, granite) // Abstr. of 

the1st International Symposium "Bio-Inert Interactions: Life and Rocks", St.Petersburg, June 

2002. P. 205-208. 



Panagiaris G., Papademetriou M., Tiligada D., Koniditsiotis A., Karachristos P., Kypraios T., 

Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K., Soukharjevsky S.M., Kurochkin V., Evstrapov A., Bulianitsa A. 

(2002) Creation and development of software for the input and statistical evaluation of data 

related to the deterioration of stone objects // Abstr. of the1st International Symposium "Bio-Inert 

Interactions: Life and Rocks", St.Petersburg, June 2002. P. 232-233. 



Bogomolova E.V. (2002) Cell state dynamics and pattern formation in polymorphic fungi // 

Abstr. of the 7th International Mycological Congress, Oslo, Norway, 11-17 August. P. 326. 



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L.K., Rutberg F.G., Yulaev F.G. (2003) Antimicrobial properties of water treated by pulse 

electric discharge // Advances in medical mycology, Moscow: All-Russian Academy of Medical 

Mycology,  V. 1. P. 90-92.  



Bogomolova E.V. (2003) Problems and perspectives of medical mycology teaching for biologists 

// Advances in medical mycology, Moscow: All-Russian Academy of Medical Mycology. V. 2. 

P. 294-295.  



Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V. (2003) The phenomenon of dimorphism from the position of self-

organization theory // Advances in medical mycology, Moscow: All-Russian Academy of 

Medical Mycology.  V. 1. P. 43-45.  




Zarochentseva I.A., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (2003) MAP-kinase module and 

mechanisms of yeasts adaptation to osmostress // Advances in medical mycology, Moscow: All-

Russian Academy of Medical Mycology. V. 1. P. 57-58.  



Panina L.K., Bogomolova E.V. (2003) Cell shape dynamics in dimorphic fungi as an example of 

biological self-organization // Abstr. of  NATO ASI School, Geilo, Norway, March, 24 – April, 3. 

P. 34 



Bogomolova E.V., Goryachev V.L., Kolikov V.A., Kulishevitch A.I., Kurochkin V.E., Panina 

L.K., Rutberg F.G., Yulaev F.G. (2003) Pulse electric discharges as antifungal water treatment // 

Abstr. Scientific-Practical Conf. on  Medical Mycology and VI


  Kashkin Readings. Problems in 

Medical Mycology 5(2): 75. 



Bykov V.Yu., Bogomolova E.V. (2003) Investigation of some yeasts colonies morphogenesis // 

Abstr. Scientific-Practical Conf. on  Medical Mycology and VI


  Kashkin Readings. Problems in 

Medical Mycology 5(2): 75-76. 



Zarochentseva I.A., Bogomolova E.V., Panina L.K. (2003) Morphological transitions of 

dimorphic black fungus Phaeococcomyces chersonesos during adaptive response // Abstr. 

Scientific-Practical Conf. on  Medical Mycology and VI


  Kashkin Readings. Problems in 

Medical Mycology 5(2): 76. 



Avrutina O.V., Bykov V.Yu., Bogomolova E.V. (2003) Investigation of biodiversity and 

morphological characteristics of opportunistic black yeasts // Abstr. 6


 All-Russian biomedical 

conference of young scientists «Human health», St.Petersburg, April 2003. P. 9. 



Bykov V.Yu., Bogomolova E.V. (2003) Architecture of yeast colonies and it’s dependence of 

external factors // Abstr. 6th All-Russian biomedical conference of young scientists «Human 

health», St.Petersburg, April 2003. P. 31-32. 



Bogomolova E.V., Minter D.W. (2003) A new black yeast from marble in Chersonesos (Crimea, 

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