Student mm54i: Asomov Dilshod

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Student MM54i: Asomov Dilshod.

Variant II.

Task I.

Question1: What is your aim in your life?

Life is full of many interesting and unexpected things. Therefore, everyone tries to enrich their lives with the best moments with a goal in mind. The higher the goal, the higher the aspiration. Of course, even if that goal is not achieved, they will still achieve a similar goal. Good intentions, as they say, are half the progress, and the goal must be good.

As for my goal, my main sim in life is to be a good person. Some may think of having a good career, some of doing good deeds, and some of being a good child or a good friend as a good person. And I want to be all this as much as I can.

Question 2: What is your expectations/ plans for the future?

If we look at this question as a continuation of the first question, of course, when a person sets a beautiful goal, he sets or makes a plan to achieve it in order to achieve it. In doing so, he takes into account all the evils, because the goal cannot be achieved without doing anything. Of course, I also have plans to achieve my goals in life. In my opinion, a good person should be treated equally in the first place, just like our Paygambar Muhammad (s.a.v.). People should not be treated according to their position. Next, you should never run away from work. Only then do I think I will achieve my goal.

Question 3: Your impression on the online lessons during lockdown.

The online education system we are currently studying is not perfect enough for higher education in my opinion. And if I have choice, I obviously choose higher education system. There are so many reasons for this, for instance, we do not have online conversations with teachers, we only do the tasks assigned by the teacher, and this prevents us from learning some difficult and new information. Because most students can memorize more by hearing and seeing. In addition, there is no internship at all in the online system, which means that we cannot do internships in our field. So the higher education system is the best.

Task II.

1. D

2. No

3. Test

4. B

5. B

6. True

7. True

8. A

9. B

10. B.
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