Topic: Clothes Level: A1 Materials

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Lesson Clothes
Ozbek dialektologiyasi Areal lingvistika Mustaqil ish, KURS ISHI, Atmosfera tarkibining ifloslanishi va Salbiy oqibatlari, 4 MA\'RUZA

Group 242

Student: Quryozov Jaloliddin Ravshanbek o’g’li

Lesson plan

Topic: Clothes

Level: A1

Materials: lap top, handouts, markers, whiteboard, flashcards, pictures, video, cards.

Time 45

Aim: to give students information about

  • What is dress

  • What is pink

  • Dresses

  • The grammar Have/has got

Teaching methods: discussion,question – answers work, sample study, different tasks

Mode of interaction: small group work, individual work

Classroom facilities: projector(or OHP and transparencies)

Activity / time



5 minutes

    1. teacher starts the lesson with greeting and asking the following questions

Answering the questions providing necessary examples and giving feedback


Activity 1

5 minutes

1.2Teacher gives information about the words of clothes. Also teacher explain Vocabulary clearly.




10 minutes

2.1 teacher instructs the next task.

At first teacher gives information about the sort of clothes. The teacher shows them the pictures with peoples Gives interesting examples about clothes. And then teacher give handout.

Handout 1


Activity 3

5 minutes

Teacher shows interesting video about dresses. And then they play game which is called “Look and say”




15 minutes

4.1 Teacher says pupil to check Handout 1 with pairs. Then they analyze mistakes. Then teacher give homework 1.

4.2 Teacher explains Have/has got with examples. And give homework 2.

Handout 2


10 minutes

Teacher should ask , the pupils’ opinion about the lesson and what they have understood about fashion and design and gives them homework.

Handout 1

Homework 1

Handout 4.2

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