1. The National University of Uzbekistan

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1. The National University of Uzbekistan

National University of Uzbekistan is the oldest and biggest University not only in Uzbekistan but in the Region of Central Asia as well and it has large potential. 12 academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 120 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, 700 Associated Professors and Candidates of Sciences, 750 researcher and technical workers, 60 pH researchers, 250 postgraduate students work in the University.
The Tashkent State University was promoted to the status of The National University on January 28, 2000 by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan, see annex in Endorsement Letters.
Due to the achievements of the University in training of specialists in the fields of pedagogy, Science, and scientific-pedagogy, and due to the high potential as in the fields of training so in the material and technical equipment of the University, the University has to play a lead role in restoration of scientific education in Uzbekistan. There is a great influence of the National University to other regional academic institutions. NUUz is one of universities in the Republic where the LAN is put into the action. This was set up with the assistance of the European Community (Tempus CP UZBEKINFO 20007-98), and through which the reliable information interchange is realized within the faculties, with the external organizations in Uzbekistan and abroad.
The IT infrastructure of NUUz is being further developed by the creation of Resource Centers, Open Learning Center and wide-band access to Internet with the Network Operation Center (NOC) being at the Physics Faculty of the University. This NOC also serves other neighboring Universities and organization with the permanent Internet connection. The development of IT infrastructure is accomplished with the involvement of own funds, Tempus project T-JEP10703-99, grants of NATO Science Committee and Soros foundation, projects of WB.
Three kinds of studying is being used, i.e. daytime, evening classes for working students and correspondence courses. The total member of students is more than 10000. About 2000 highly specialist of high qualification on 32 majors graduate from the University. There are 15 faculties, 130 Chairs, 1 research Institute, 15 study research laboratories, a few small scale enterprises, Fundamental library and Faculty libraries, publishers, Palace of Culture, Training Institute for Teachers, Computer Complex, Gymnasium, E-mail connected to Internet in the University.
The University holds scientific contacts with foreign countries by means of specialist exchange, participation in international conferences and correspondence of scientist. Teachers are being sent to different countries for delivering lectures and learning by working in research Institutions. This transfer of knowledge is enabled by several grants provided by different International Foundations including "TACIS-Tempus" projects:
T-JEP-10214-96 on development of Master Degree in Health Psychology;

  • CP 20007-98 on Strengthening of the University Management by improving the Management Information System;

  • T-JEP-10073-95 on Development of History Curriculum, Teaching Methodology and Resource support and management for History teaching at Tashkent State University;

  • T-JEP-10703-99 on support of democratisation process and transition period of Uzbekistan.

Within the project CP 20007-98 was installed LAN at the National University of Uzbekistan based on fibre optics, and the main centre of the Network is situated at the Faculty of Physics. The specialists from the Physics Faculty are managing the Network of Information System for University Management, and this experience will be useful for other Universities.
Now NUUz will fulfil the role of co-ordinator of the project and strengthen its Managerial skills for EU-projects also.
Contact persons:
Dr. Abdugapur Karimkhodjaev
Email: akarimkhodjaev@nuuz.uzsci.net
Dr. Azamkhan Rakhmatov
Email: arakhmatov@nuuz.uzsci.net

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