Self-study task Fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer

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Task 1 Fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer
1. What _____ you _____ at the weekend?
A) does / does B) do / does C) does / do D) do / do
2. What _____ Dick and Tom like _____?
A) do / doing B) doing / * C) do / do D) does / doing
3. Do boys like _____ jeans?
A) wear B) wearing C) to wear D) worn
4. My classmates _____ on picnic every month.
A) went B) goes C) going D) go
5. Mary _____ face every morning.
A) washes hisB) wash my C) washes her D) washes their
6. _____ three languages: French, Spanish, and English.
A) I’m speak B) I’m speaking C) I speaking D) I speak
7. Where _____ from?
A) Hans come B) does Hans come C) does Hans coming D) Hans came
8. What _____ tonight?
A) do you do B) you doC) are you doing D) did you do
9. “Where is George”“He _____ a shower.”
A) has B) will have C) is having D) have
10. “What _____ ?”“I don’t know. Look it up.”
A) does this word mean B) means this word C) does mean this word D) is meaning this word
11. _____ to a rock concert?
A) Were you ever go B) Have you ever been C) Do you ever go D) Have you ever go
12. I _____ the champion last week.
A) saw B) have seen C) see D) seen
13. I love rock and roll. I _____ it all my life.
A) am liking B) like C) liking D) have liked
14. The Flash’s concert _____ fantastic 3 years ago.
A) was B) has been C) have been D) are
15. I _____ all their records since then.
A) bought B) buy C) buyed D) have bought

Task 2 ReadingFor questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.
What teenagers do with their money
Thirteen-year-olds do not spend as much money as their parents suspect - at least not according to the findings of a __(1)__ survey, Money and Change. The survey __(2)__ three hundred teenagers, 13- 17 years old, from __(3)__ Britain.
By the time they __(4)__ their teens, most children see their weekly allowance rise dramatically to an amazing national average of £5.14. Two thirds think they get __(5)__ money, but most expect to have to do something to get it.
Although they have more cash, worry about debt is __(6)__ among teenagers. Therefore, the __(7)__ of children __(8)__ an effort to save for the future. Greater access to cash __(9)__ teenagers does not, however, mean that they are more irresponsible __(10)__ a result. The economic recession seems to have encouraged __(11)__ attitudes to money, even in the case of children at these ages. Instead of wasting what pocket __(12)__ they have on sweets or magazines, the 13-year-olds
who took __(13)__ in the survey seem to __(14)__ to the situation by saving more than half __(15)__ their cash.
1. A) late B) recent C) latest D) fresh
2. A) included B) contained C) counted D) enclosed
3. A) entire B) all over C) complete D) the whole
4. A) reach B) get C) make D) arrive
5. A) acceptable B) adequate C) satisfactory D) enough
6. A) gaining B) heightening C) increasing D) building
7. A) most B) maximum C) many D) majority
8. A) make B) do C) have D) try
9. A) among B) through C) between D) along
10. A) like B) as C) for D) in
11. A) aware B) knowing C) helpful D) cautious
12. A) cash B) money C) change D) savings
13. A) part B) place C) share D) piece
14. A) reply B) answer C) respond D) return
15. A) from B) as C) of D) for

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