Doctor, my dear, Brought to its unique holy

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Doctor, my dear,

Brought to its unique holy

Angel heart, empathetic and energetic

The doctor is actually born.

"The principles of medical deontology"


"In medicine, there are signs of wisdom: money indifference, honesty, humility, simple dress, respect, critical thinking, determination, and agree to be rich, to know what is necessary for life"

Abu Ali Ibn Sina:

"Shifted to a doctor eagle, women sensitive to ashes, the snake must have the wisdom and the heart of a lion"

Dutch doctor and Lutts Nicolas Van Tulp: "Lighting candles blazing a path for others"

German doctor F. I. Gaaz:

"Hasten to do good."

Deontology- Greek Deontos- duty, necessary Logos- knowledge, science and medicine in the nineteenth century by the English philosopher Jeremiah Bentham.


Life of the palm, "I have no one that can lead to death does not show the way, and that can lead to death."

Patients can not harm "I am in favor of the procedure for the treatment of patients and their solutions, and therefore do not harm him."

Individuals of the palm, "I do not see what the patient, which is not included in the home only benefit to the patient, he'll treat"
Medical secrecy "or treatment during his inspection of the patient's life, health and would not be appropriate to disclose the information secret and not to disclose it to my task"

Professional palm "I taught medical workforce swear respect for his father and mother."

Increasing the maximum therapeutic effectiveness of medical deontology medical staff and patients to reduce the harmful effects of the maximum principle of self-control.

Surgical, medical deontology learned:

Doctor, surgeon of deontology.

Health nurses of deontology.

Small medical staff of deontology.

Medical institutions of higher education students of deontology.

World Medical Association 1981 "Declaration on the rights of patients Lisbon":

* doctor's choice of law

* The proposed consent or to protest the treatment of

* confidentiality (secrecy)

* Based on his wish death (Evtanaziya)

* Emotional or religious relief capacity (to meet with the monks)

* Medical aid to compensate for damage to or during the


Passive evtanaziya

Viability criteria to refuse treatment, but this treatment is stopped or another.

Active evtanaziya

To understand the patient's life in order to stop the activity of these procedures (for example: death, which means the body).

Doctors word appeared in the nineteenth century and the Slavic temperament "Vratsa" means to agree to convince.

Doctor, surgeon the following features should be able to:

Life and health of patients should take over his life and health.

A high degree of self-criticism of himself and his efforts to learn what must be true and accurate rate.

Must be brave.

A short period of time, for a few minutes to make the right decision and it should be able to do.

Thinking and movement coordination should be

Nurses appearance






I. Hardy nurses, the following type of character is the difference:

• Mechanical nurses to carry out procedures, mechanical, indifferent to the concerns.

• 'Nervous' nurses' emotional labile, sensitive, and sometimes rude nurse.

• Artist nurses, artificial, plays a role as a pivotal actor shows up.

• Nurse-men - a strong, ambitious, but abuse nurse.

• Nurse- women correct understanding of the status of the patients they treat their own children to be nurses.

• Specialist nurses - masters of their craft, have dedicated their professional lives of nurses.

                   Medical secrecy

• Abu Ali Ibn Sina: 'All I Want to keep a secret if you can not keep your secret if you secret, you become trapped in a mystery.

Geneva Declaration (1994), according to the medical mystery -

• patients with respect, kindness and pride, the proof of the principle of respect for the right of his to save secret.

• the patient's life, health promotion to prevent harm principle.

• Law of medical information is educational, scientific processes used for the patient's consent is required.

  Medical secrets include:

• Information about the team, the patient should be kept secret.

• If the patient does not need to be spoken about his health (psychological damage which can cause unpleasant leaked diagnosis). At the same time, the patient may be for the benefit of false information.

Medical secret, never kept secret:

• doctor to carry insurance.

• The government inquiry on the basis of determining the status of the patient's health.

• Forensic medical examination.

• communicable diseases copying.

• kept secret in time to reveal the cause of death.

Professional FAULTS

• Iatrogenia (GRECO. Jethro - the doctor, to generate gennao) - a physician or other medical professional depending on the result of disease or pathological condition of the employee.

• Medical confidence in the health of the population will be inversely proportional to the number of errors (V.V.Verisaev).

Related to medical errors :

• Medical or surgical knowledge is not enough: this or that disease in various surgical choose a different tactic.

• diagnosis, and treatment characteristics, challenges

• Any health care facility with the extent of surgical activity.

The reasons for the treatment of tactical errors in (G.Astapenko and b. 1983):


• refer the patient to the hospital too late

• If the patient is unconscious severe case

• short-term sick

Atypical course of the disease

• medical conditions or lack of technical means.


• anamnestic data collected enough

• The patient enough clinical investigations

• the results of laboratory investigations or instrumental not correct labels.

          Regulations about medical negligence –

• Medical negligence - not medical staff do not meet the standards of treatment in connection with his or her negligence causes damage to the health of the patient.

• Medical care of unpleasant consequences - that is the duty of the medical staff of medical treatment during the implementation of the standards related to the error - legal Theoretical punished....
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